What Moms REALLY WANT for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and everyone is wondering how to find the perfect gift for Mom.  Moms are so hard to buy for aren’t they?  Sure you can get the usual gift card, kitchen appliance and chocolate…OR you could get her what she REALLY wants.. time with you!  To REALLY feel appreciated, to be waited on hand and foot and actually have a few moments to BREATHE and clear her mind.


Far too many working moms, and stay at home moms for that matter, say they crave something money can’t buy: More time in the day.  The constant juggle to get everything done each and every day can be overwhelming.  It leaves Moms feeling like there just isn’t enough time in the day to enjoy being a mom.  I know that I find myself wishing for those unplanned moments when everything else can be put aside.  When there is no laundry to be done, no groceries to run for, no errands that need to be run, no dinner to be made and no housework to be finished.  Just some good old plain time to have fun.


With Mom never really receiving a day off, coupled with Mother’s Day always falling on a Sunday, moms may never really get the break they deserve. So, instead of buying your Mom that vacuum cleaner, those obligatory chocolates (that you know she will love to eat, but regret the next day) those flowers that will die in a few days…. take a few hints from some of the few Moms I know and love.  They have let me know what they REALLY WANT for Mother’s Day this year:


  • I want a day in my house with no children fighting but is that reality… I think NOT!

  • A luxurious spa day with my girls. The real deal, too. Walking around in those white fluffy robes, being massaged, drinking champagne. Ahhh yes, relaxation!!!

  • LAUGHTER, snuggles, a walk together with my family, snuggles

  • For my children and grandchildren to be well, safe, and happy and thankful for the gift of life.

  •  For all my children to be together in one place!

  • Stuff for my kitchen.  (She’s nuts! Just kidding, she is fabulous, but come on now girl!)

  •  I really want my family to be content in their minds and peace in their hearts. For us all to feel a sense of security in our lives.

  •  I want a day where I don’t have to wipe pee off the toilet seat. (Every Mom with boys wishes this too!!!)

  • Beer.  (clearly I have friends who rock, but by the way she is NOT a Mother to a human child, only a 4 footed fuzzball)

  • I want to not be in pain so I can enjoy a day with my kids playing and having fun.

  • Since my kids are grown, I would just like to hear from them that I did a great job, that they were happy with the life I provided for them, and that no matter what, they will always need me

  • I want my 8th child to be completely potty trained. (Yeah girl, so do we…how many years have you had kids in diapers now? 🙂  )

  • I’d love a weekend trip to a nice hotel in a nearby city and a steak dinner!   (I’m soooo tagging along on this one!)

  • My house cleaned and all three meals made for me. And some fresh flowers. 

  • A day to myself…..An overnight stay in a hotel even in town to do whatever without chores or responsibilities. Check in to check out time. I think having that rare opportunity for one’s self to regroup and relax is priceless.

  • I have everything, a loving husband, three wonderful boys, two beautiful daughter (in-laws) and my gorgeous granddaughters. I pray that God continues to watch over all of us!

  • I would just like to hear, “even though we have the Greatest Daddy in the Land…..,I see what you do. And all of this would not be the same without your help.”That’s all I would like. In sincerity. A moment of reality check. Not just because it’s Mothers Day…

  • I love an evening around the kitchen table. Dinner… Conversation… Games… Laughter

  • I want a nap, wine, and to play with my kids with no fighting, whining, and crying.


Time is the most precious gift you can give. If you can, spend the day with her doing whatever she likes to do. Then let her take a long, hot bath without being interrupted by a screaming child…or someone pounding on the bathroom door wanting her attention.


Whatever you do decide, make sure that your mom feels like more than just a mom because, believe it or not, she loves you more than you’ll ever know.  Being a mom is the hardest job in the world but she is someone who will ALWAYS love you unconditionally….even after you spill Fruit Punch Kool-Aid on the white carpet.