Walmart Rolling Back Against Amazon for Online Retail Domination?


Walmart announced that it is running a Rollback Day on July 15, 2015 and offering over 2000 different online exclusive deals. Let the fight for retail domination begin!!! You will find that Walmart is lowering prices on some great categories like home, baby, toys and electronics.

It seems Walmart is putting on its boxing gloves and posted on their blog today that they are “standing up for our customers and everyone else who sees no rhyme or reason for paying a premium to save.” in response to Amazons Prime Day offerings available to Prime Members only. Looks like Walmart has found another rival in the market they are going to attempt to crush in the online Market.

Everyone get ready…they have taken their corners…let the SAVINGS begin!!! Keep your eyes open for deals on Walmart and Amazon on 7/15/15 as both retailers boast having some fabulous deals up their sleeves for this main event!

Happy Amazon Prime Day July 15 – Exclusive Deals for Prime Members – Start Free 30-Day Trial



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