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You and your family are going to love these tips that are designed to impact your life + save you money when it comes to beauty, from Justine.Let’s jump right into my 6 tips on saving money on beauty.

Tip#1 The Law Of Higher End Brands

Don’t assume that something works great just because it is a higher end brand. For example, I have found that for every “high end” brand item there is an equal item somewhere that offers the same value. Get it? Like the physics rule. Maybe when it comes to purses or shoes you care about wearing the name brands. but  In beauty however, it’s only the result that matters. Some people prefer different brands over each other because the results work better for them. A “high end” brand will not necessarily work for you which is good news. Why? Because you can experiment with cheaper brands of foundation, hair spray, shampoo etc. and end up saving a lot of money by finding a cheap one that is fitting for you. I have tried top dollar foundations and hairsprays only to find that there were $4 ones all along that worked the same or better.

Tip#2 Dry Shampoo

Friends. This is a beauty secret + saving money tip in one. I have been in love with dry shampoo for awhile. I was hesitant at first. However, here is the truth: The right dry shampoo saves money +  makes your hair look better + saves time + feels good on your head. If you are like most of the population, you are married to the idea that pretty hair comes from washed hair. However, you might be like the rest of us who are catching on to a new trend. The other day when I went for a visit with my hair stylist, she enlightened me on a fact that she only washes her hair once a week. Sounds gross. Right? Well, it can actually help you. Your hair has natural oils in it that shampoo can damage. Washing it less conserves shampoo + conditioner. Yes, you can fix your hair between washes with dry shampoo (which does not do nearly as much damage to your hair.) As far as buying the dry shampoo, I buy mine for less than $8 and it lasts me for months and not washing my hair everyday makes my shampoo and conditioner last so much longer. This whole process of not washing my hair everyday saves time and money + makes my hair look better. Now, I am going to cut back even more and start only washing it once a week like my hair stylist advised.

Tip#3 Check Oz 

No, I am not referring to finding a wizard. Although, this next tip will work wizard wonders in your wallet. Try saying that 10 times fast. Anyway, if you want your beauty products to last, check how many OZ or FL OZ they contain. If you are buying perfume, hair spray etc. the bottle will always tell you how much it contains. Looks can be deceiving so don’t assume that a bottle that looks bigger has more in it. Compare the OZ with prices. Doing this, will ensure that your dollar will go further as your products will last longer.

Tip#4 Nail Polish Pish Posh 

If you are like me and you don’t use gel nail polish, I would not recommend breaking your bank over fancy regular nail polish. From experience, nail polish goes on all the same way. Some claim to dry faster or stay longer and what not. However, if you really want to save money just buy the cheap ones. The cheap $1 ones have gotten me through life and they have dried plenty fast for me.

Tip#5 Earn Points 

For some reason, drug stores and beauty stores offer some great point systems that you can sign up for. Sign up for their free point system and every time you come in enter in your phone number or have the cashier scan your card. Your points will keep adding up every time you buy the things that you already need. I have saved a lot of money + received a lot free things by taking advantage of point programs especially in beauty stores that reward you with free money to spend in their store.

Tip#6 DIY Dye     

Do you have an urge to dye your hair? Doing it yourself at home can save a lot of money. Some box colors are not the best but there are a lot that are great. I understand that it is fun to go to the hair salon. I do that at times. However, more often than not, I have dyed my hair myself. If you are looking to add some crazy colors in your hair temporarily, I have a cool idea. Go to your nearest craft store and get a box of non-toxic oil pastel chalks. Simply get your hair wet ( you can do it dry too) and color them onto your hair. Just start coloring on your hair with the oil pastel chalks. Bet you never thought you could do that. It works and makes the color go on strong and washes out easily. You never have to pay someone to bleach and do your hair. You can get multiple colors that you can save (and perhaps draw a pretty picture with later on) for around $5. The result is below.



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