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Our family would love to have a puppy or a kitty but sadly we have major allergy issues. As sad as it is, it gets worse when we visit friends or family that own feline companions. Dogs are not as bad for us if they have short hair.
For some reason, cat hair and dandruff gets everywhere. Even as our friends and family go thru great efforts to clean their home before we get there – without fail we would get runny noses, coughing and itchy eyes.
After a few instances of misery, we realized that taking some precautions will go a long way in making our visit more pleasant AND our ride home easier, without itchy-watery eyes and stuffy noses.

Supplies You Need

These are essential supplies to bring with you and to prepare before you arrive:
  • Bring with you oils to fight naturally the allergy symptoms (See the ones that work for us below)
  • Wipes: very useful for wiping little hands – the little ones who probably want to pet the cat or dog. Those little hands will end up rubbing against their face or in their mouths.
    • Use these wipes that don’t have harmful ingredients:
    • Since we are constantly wiping, we want to make sure the wipes don’t irritate the children’s skin or get chemicals in their skin.
  • Lint roller (best one we like here)
  • Change of clothes – very useful for little ones who probably be on the floor petting the animals.

Before you get there

Get ready to fight allergens with natural methods.

For us essential oils work great! I always on them diluted especially for little ones. Make sure you consult a professional you trust (as I am not a doc, nor claim to be 🙂 )

Here are some that we use (a blend of) – plus I love the brands you see below. Never had any problems with it.

Click for more information or to purchase:

Here is another brand I’ve heard is good although a bit more pricey:
NOW Foods Peppermint Oil


Tips While Visiting

Use your wipes
Keep wiping your children’s hands after they pet the dogs or cats. Without a doubt, children love to pet animals even if they are allergic to them. But if you can keep their hands off their eyes, nose, mouth, and face – any allergic reaction might be subdued (obviously, we are talking about mild allergic reactions nothing life threatening – in that case you need to keep your children away from pets!)
Wipes we like here.
Wash their hands
Make sure they wash their hands well before eating and before going to the potty.
Leave loveys in the car (if possible)
If they have a favorite stuff animal or blankie they carry everywhere, try keeping it off the floor and away from the furry friends. Stuff animals will pick up any dandruff and hair from couches or floors.
If they get dragged around you might have to throw their loveys in the wash before they can play with them again.
We make every effort to leave our stuffed animals in the car while visiting or at least have a ‘special’ baggy that the loveys can stay in while visiting.

When you are ready to leave:

Before you get in the car, don’t forget to do these:
Brush your clothes and kids clothes before getting in the car with the lint roller. It will help to get rid of most of the dandruff and hair that might gotten stuck to the fabric of your clothes.
There are two kinds I like the sticky one and the reusable ones. These are the best ones I have found:

The best brush to remove Dog Hair, Cat Hair

Sticky Lint Roller Best Value

If possible, I try to change the kids clothes before they get in the car.
Shoes will also carry dandruff and hair so try and wipe them out.
You definitely don’t want to go into a confined space like a car where the air recirculates and have the allergens present. It would make a terrible ride home (especially if you are a few hours away from home).

When you get home

After visiting houses with pets, we wash all of our clothes as soon as we get home. That way the allergens don’t get in our house.
Please feel free to share any other tips you might have for dealing with allergens.
Happy travels!

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