Although my main obsession is my facebook page (that’s where you will find the MOST deals and steals that I publish) there are many avenues in which you can follow the Nikolai Nuthouse Blog.

Install the FREE  The Nikolai Nuthouse coupon blog App!  Yep, I do have an app for that. Bahahahahaha!  Check it out on your phone, download it in Google play or follow the link.  and have the ability to print coupons right from your phone!


Don’t have a Smart Phone?  You can also Stay connected via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or my direct Feed




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Or have every post sent to your email, or a daily synopsis, whichever you prefer!!

1. You will need to subscribe to the email list by entering your email address in the email subscription list at the top left of the page under the search box. It looks like this when you go to my site  :

2. You will receive an email from the site that you will need to Activate…in this email you need to click CONFIRM FOLLOW

3. You will receive a confirmation email and in this email is where you can change the FREQUENCY that you receive emails from my website. You can leave it as is and get an email every time I post a new update on the blog…OR you can change the frequency by clicking on the SUBSCRIPTION DASHBOARD link like pictured below:

4. Once you get into the dashboard you can change it to what time you would like the email sent to you during the day, whatever works best for your schedule by clicking on the drop down menu:

That’s it, enjoy your updates the way YOU want them! :)  Thank you for your patience with the change and with the growth of The Nikolai Nuthouse. I truly do appreciate each and every one of you who follows me!