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Monday | Make the Most of It!

24 brand new hours are before us as we wake up this morning!  I’m in my home office waiting for the sun to rise this morning, boys are still gone from the weekend, dog is snoring and I still have hours before I have to be to the office.  Early mornings are my “Me” time.  The only time of the day that my life is not chaotic.   The sun never beats me out of bed, although my coffee maker sometimes will lose the race.


Some people think that morning cheerfulness is obnoxious.  I’m one of those obnoxious people.  Bounce out of bed, grab a cup of coffee and dive into the first project of the day, which is usually blogging about coupons and deals and such….today’s a little different.  I did post the new coupons, and a freebie, that I couldn’t let go by without telling you about…but now my daily routine is changing.  Change is good!!   It will just take a little getting used to.


I have two weeks ahead of me with no kids to be accounted for, it will be weird.  My little guy is spending a few weeks with his grandparents, it will be his longest time away this time.  Lots of plans, and work in store in those two weeks.  I started ripping apart my office yesterday and purging.  Going through 10 years of accumulation of client notes and office/school supplies.  I finished up purging two closets as well.  I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone in this family is a pack rat but me.  The worse offender, my husband, who has an obsession with papers.  I have three cabinets yet to go through that are strictly his spaces…wish me luck!


But for now, it’s just me, the sunrise and coffee.  Happy Monday, make the most of your day!





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