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Missing the Mark is a reflection of an abusive relationship between a mother and son. For readers, this book is a look into the author’s life, a stark question with no answer: why?

Keith T. Hoerner is a survivor of child abuse and, in turn, alcoholism. As the title implies, he comes of age as the target of violence in a house of siblings relatively unscathed. Throughout the work is the metaphor to archery: arrows fly, arrows land, arrows miss, arrows hit. Hoerner has a striking style of word-craft — beginning with his controlled narration, to his careful selection of description: His dark brown eyes blossomed into mahogany magnolias of recognition.

Missing the Mark isn’t merely a metaphor, it’s a missed opportunity: a mother to know her son, a father to be the protector, the boy.

As the author leaps between the past and the present in a series of well-paced vignettes, we are not left wondering of the destruction of violence and the scar it leaves. Text credited to The Wounded Storyteller gives the author a chance to share his questions of faith and existence, a search for meaning.

Missing the Mark is an engaging read into hurt. Hoerner weaves dialog with honesty, and poetic verse. His sense of emotional timing puts the reader in the front row of a house of dysfunction.

For those readers who are self-reflective, have questions of their own, or have some experience with abuse, read this book. Lovingly attentive to the complications of the family-heart, this is a heartfelt read. — LitStack

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