Cool STEM-based DIY Courses for Kids Campaign for Kidstarter

I shared this on my facebook page the other day, but thought that I’d post the info here on the blog proper to introduce you to Kidstarter.  If you have kids who love to use their imagination, or are a homeschool parent I think you will just love this program!

The KidStarter program aims to nurture a passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in kids age 6 and up by way of fun, cooperative building sessions. I think it is a great program to empower kids to bring their imagination to the table and expand their knowledge in a hands on environments where learning is fun! Your child’s engineering experience is supplemented with a lesson on the science and technology operating the toys they built, by hand, by themselves. (Ok with maybe a little help from instructors and parents!)


Remember building things as a kid in class? Do you want the same for your children? Most schools don’t really offer the hands on type of programs that Kidstarter really wants to implement. So many kids learn faster and retain things easier while they rip apart and rebuild things for themselves…and admit it, we all like to rip apart stuff. Making it a fun learning experience makes it all the better!


Kidstarter is having a crowdsourcing campaign right now…I’ve donated, take a look at what this could offer kids that may not normally have a chance to broaden their horizons and pay it forward. Your child may not benefit directly right now, but you never know what child that attends one of the classes could bring to the table for the invention of the century for our country in the future!




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