Happy Birthday to ME!!!


As my 47th birthday (holy moly!) was approaching, my family has started asking what I want. Since there is very little I WANT (that we can afford anyway) I started thinking about what I wanted to do for my birthday instead. I posted it as a status update on my personal facebook page the other day, mostly for me to make sure I follow through. So what DO I want?


In my family, growing up, most birthdays were never really a big deal. So I thought it would be nice to do something special and different this year.  Not that 47 is a huge milestone, but it’s as old as I have ever been and I am thankful I have the opportunity to experience it!


Then I thought about how I wanted to FEEL on my 47th birthday. I really don’t like to be singled out, sung to, or be the center of attention, even when it is my birthday.  So this year for MY birthday I’ve decided that I would like to do 47 random acts of kindness to celebrate.


Recipients will be chosen at random throughout the day and hopefully I can get all 47 acts in before midnight tonight! I’ll try to document some of those with photos and update on the blog this weekend.  I have a crazy day ahead today with work and baseball games, so unfortunately this is the last update for the day.  In the meantime, I am off to make brownies for my co-workers this morning and lunches for the boys.


Thank you to all who have already sent birthday wishes today, my email is overflowing already!! If you would do me a huge favor and pay it forward at least ONCE today in some way, shape or form I will be a very happy Birthday Girl!! Have a great day everyone and thanks again for being faithful fans and followers of the Nikolai Nuthouse!