Makes enough for 6 large servings.  Total Cost for this meal is Maximum of $4.00 (Pricing may vary depending on your shopping skills)  Serve with green beans, cottage cheese and you have dinner for 6 for less than $1.00 a serving…and you will probably have leftovers for lunch or dinner for the next day!



1 can of tomatoes: $.33-.50 (or free if you canned your own!)
16 oz. bag or your favorite pasta: $.49 (usually can pick up FREE with coupons and sales!)
1 lb Ground Beef: $.99 to 1.79 lb (always stock up and freeze it when you find a steal!)
Minced garlic: (optional and to taste) $.10 (or Free if you had a garden!)
1 Small Minced Onion $.10 (or Free if you had a garden!)
1.  Boil water and cook your pasta to al dente, drain off water.
2.  While your pasta is cooking brown your hamburger with onion in large frying pan. Add minced garlic. Pour in tomatoes (include Juice) and add your cooked noodles, stir and cook on medium/low until your noodles are warmed.