The Nikolai Nuthouse Family Update!


Yesterday my personal status update on Facebook was geared toward changes that are happening in the Nikolai Nuthouse Family on a more personal level.  “I’ve dropped my pebble into the pool of big changes ahead!! It has begun…assessing, evaluating & prioritizing. Life is about appreciating what you have & waiting for what you will get. I believe being positive goes a long way! Waiting for those ripples to extend out into waves. Planning on riding the big one for a while!!”  I’ve had quite a few inquiries about that post from some of my readers who follow my public updates on Facebook and Twitter.   Indeed, things are changing as the summer progresses. Nephews and Nieces getting married, babies being born into the family, kids heading off to college… I’m up for the changes!!! Here are just a few that are in store!



Blog Changes

As you know I have not been blogging as often as I normally would have,there has been a lot going on here at the Nuthouse!!  We had a child graduate from high school, numerous parties to attend, summer activities in full swing and our #2 son, aka “Football boy”, left for college a few weeks ago.  we took advantage of that time transporting him to South Dakota for a week long family vacation.  Something we have not done in FOREVER!!!  We had a blast visiting Mount Rushmore, Wind Cave, The Badlands and more!    My blog has lost some readership during that week off, nothing I’m sure I can’t regain, but then again I have to evaluate what I want to do with the blog.  Coupons and savings blogs are rampant now versus where I was when I first started.   One of the reasons I never tied the name into a money based title like other coupon blogs, is because I was planning ahead, so I could transition into any type of blog I wanted to. I think it’s time for that to happen.





Since our vacation I’ve also been trying to prioritize things, and indeed there are big changes ahead for my family and The Nikolai Nuthouse blog!   Our house is going back on the market soon as we attempt to downsize.  We have gone from a family of six in this huge house and we will soon be dwindling down to three once my daughter moves out.  While we had our house on the market last year we were not as intent on selling it until our son left for college.  Now the time has come where we will have to start sorting and packing and plain just simplifying everything in our home.



Career Changes

Career changes are coming as we assess what is “right” for time needed as a family as well as monetary income levels.  Having another child in college, while he received a lot of money in scholarships, is still expensive!  Our schedules have been “hell”, to put it mildly, since I went back to work full time 5 days a week.  My husband has been taking on a lot of that stress and totally jumped in and assisted with housework, cooking weeknights (after 25 years of not having to do so it was one of the BIGGEST changes for our family!) and taking over a lot of the mom taxi duties.  To say our family has been under stress has been a big understatement.  There is simply not enough time in a day to get everything done. That’s going to change.  Further details to come soon!



Health Changes

Health, mental and physical, is always a worry in the Nuthouse…we have 4 children, we’re crazy, right?  In the past 26 years we have paid millions of dollars to doctors, hospitals, rehab centers and hundreds of other medical professionals.  We have been through just about every health issue from viruses, mental breakdowns, broken bones to brain tumors.   Football boy will also be having another surgery on his hand next week…in South Dakota, and I can’t be there.  I’m not too happy, to say the least.

Not only do we have the worry of just our immediate family’s health but our parents and siblings as well.  The next few months will be touch and go….as we attempt to lift up spirits and assist in care when needed for a family member.  Say a few prayers for them please.   It has hit our family hard, nobody wants to deal with illness, especially in the capacity it has been presented.    Although attitudes, emotions, and moods can change from day to day, and even from hour to hour in the Nuthouse, we are attempting to stay positive!!


So while all of these changes are happening, I will continue to blog…about them and not so much about the freebies and savings offers, although I will still incorporate a few.  I know many of you will leave and head to other blogs for those offers and updates.  I’m OK with that…and wish you all the best!  Come back once in a while and visit!!!







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